Malcolm’s 5th-grade teacher recently assigned his class a book report. This could have been a problem for Malcolm and his mom, Maria, because they did not have many books in their home. Fortunately, Maria is a part of one of the organizations with whom Our Future Reads partners. Our Future Reads sent Malcolm’s mom a genre survey through the agency and matched them with age-appropriate books, including, Trapped in a Video Game, a book that fit his interests. Maria recently offered feedback, noting that she and Malcolm’s teacher were so proud of the book report Malcolm put together for the assignment. This is Our Future Reads’ impact.

In the Chicagoland area, 1,000,000 people have low basic literacy skills and 77% of Chicago Public School 8th graders do not read at a proficient level. In order to address those figures and help those in need of books, Franklin Taylor founded Our Future Reads to focus on providing access to books and increasing literacy rates. They promote literacy by connecting curious readers with the books that interest them. Every day they hear stories–like Maria and Malcolm’s– of people getting excited about reading, because Our Future Reads connects them to books they actually want to read. Our Future Reads prides itself on serving those that may not have the means to buy every book on the shelf, but still would love to read them. They continue to alleviate the low literacy rates in the Chicagoland area. Let the curious be curious!

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