Opportunity Knocks (OK) exists to support young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, whom they endearingly dub Warriors. This past year, they have welcomed new Warriors who have begun to thrive after finding community at OK. Ron Turner is one such Warrior. 

Ron joined programs this past May, coming all the way from Pennsylvania! After his big move, he and his sister were eager to find a program as robust as his previous one and decided to attend OK. While Ron was a bit reserved the first few weeks, he began to come out of his shell as he got to know his Warrior peers, one Warrior Welcome at a time. Not even a month into programs, there was a visible change in Ron as he had grown comfortable with the group, presenting the Warrior Welcome and helping out his friends whenever the opportunity arose.

“Ron has since become very lively; he has very strong leadership skills and has the respect of his fellow Warriors,” reflects Netta Williams, Volunteer Coordinator and Program Leader. Ron flourishing in programs is a testament to the community that has been and continues to be built within and around Opportunity Knocks.

Consider a donation this season so that Opportunity Knocks can continue to meet the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is support from the community that grants Warriors the opportunity to discover and amplify their voices and explore the experiences of life without boundaries.

Opportunity Knocks 
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