Kira finds a loving home with Mary

Helping stray, abandoned, and otherwise needy animals in our local community is at the core of Animal Care League’s mission. There are so many homes full of love to give, and so many sweet animals in need — all it takes is to bring them together. And sometimes, the pursuit of this goal takes us beyond our immediate area, as was the case with a sweet pup named Kira. 

When she was first rescued as a stray in Puerto Rico, she was in worrying condition, completely covered in thick, matted fur. The dirty mats covered her eyes to the point that she could barely see. Kira’s rescuer quickly took her to receive vet care and grooming, and in no time, a new dog emerged, nothing but sweet and grateful. 

To help Kira find a home, she was brought to ACL, and she didn’t have to wait long for her lucky break. Almost immediately, she was adopted! Just like that, Kira’s path forward went from dangerous and uncertain to clear and joyful, and we’re so happy to know that she’ll be cozy, happy, and healthy for the holidays. Stories like Kira’s inspire us to continue working to help as many animals as possible, creating strong and lasting bonds in our community and beyond.

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