Meet Brittany, a community health worker at an independent living facility who began the role following her completion of the Community Health Worker program at Malcolm X College. 

Before her experiences in the program, Brittany was working 9-to-5 in various capacities at Northwestern Hospital. With this work, she felt deeply unfulfilled and without purpose. Yet, an encounter with an Austin Coming Together (ACT) resource table at her daughter’s school dramatically changed the course of Brittany’s professional endeavors and life as a whole.

Upon learning of the Malcolm X College program, Brittany decided to enroll. Knowing that community health had always been an underlying passion, Brittany felt that the program could uniquely challenge her and elevate her professional expertise by engaging in truly meaningful work.   

Today, Brittany works with a variety of individuals by connecting them with available health resources. Utilizing just about every skill obtained in her training, Brittany feels she is living her purpose: Working with people and having a direct, positive impact on their lives. 

Brittany is grateful for that random meeting she had with ACT and encourages everyone to seek out ACT’s Austin Community Hub to get connected. “On the outside, ACT doesn’t seem like they have much to offer. On the inside, it’s a whole different story. They welcomed me and showed me a world of opportunities. They can do it for you too.” 

Without this opportunity, Brittany would be underemployed working at the same job, never knowing the heights she could reach. 

Austin Coming Together
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