Connecting people to the past enriches their experience of the present. Forest Park’s dense and colorful history is reflected throughout the year in different immersive experiences offered by the Forest Park Historical Society.

While historical appreciation can be gained through any of our in-person or virtual cemetery tours, the Historical Society also connects people to the lives, past and present, of ordinary people, local influencers, and even people and voices that have shaped the nation. The society hosts bicycle tours, walking tours, virtual tours and special events, like Haymarket trivia on International May Day.

In addition, the Historical Society collects oral histories from veterans, gives esteem to our black community members and leaders, honors the heritage of Forest Park, and reflects on the women who have made history in town.   

The Society’s annual Stitching a Community event builds on the Black American tradition of storytelling through quilting, and has become a vehicle to collectively tell the community story annually. The quilts are displayed at the annual Juneteenth Pool Party held by the Forest Park Park District.

Giving voice to voices that are often unheard is one of the priorities of the Historical Society through immersive experiences. Sign up for the monthly newsletter, join a tour or walk, read the weekly Lookback blog in the Forest Park Review and become a member.

Forest Park Historical Society

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