Reno Msad poses while Carla Barry paints him on Sept. 24, during the painting competition event at Studio Nez. (Alex Rogals)
Jason Farley and Austy sit, as artist DareMeLife paints. (Alex Rogals)
Artist Alex Ortega draws a portrait on Sept. 24, during the painting competition. (Alex Rogals)
Artists HINK (left) and Alex Ortega draw portraits during the painting competition. (Alex Rogals)
(From left to right) Fedz, Nez, Bryn Gleason, Carla Barry, Diego Penuela, Reno Msad, Kawaii Suga (Isamar), Alex Ortega, HINK (Adele), Jason Farley, DareMeLife (Alex), Jules, and Austy. (Photo by Saul Ruiz)

This past weekend, local art gallery Studio Nez featured celebrated artists from the Chicagoland area to compete in a timed portrait painting competition called “Masterpiece Marathon”. Featured well-known artists ranged from muralists (FedzArt, Diego Penuela, Austy), classically-trained artists (Jason Farley, Carla Barry, Alex Ortega), and contemporary artists (Hink, DareMeLife, Reno Msad, Kawaii Suga, Bryn Gleason). Artists were split into four teams made up of four painters who were assigned an artist to paint a portrait of. They were all given 90 minutes to create their best depiction of their subject, as they competed for first place.

Nez (artist/owner of Studio Nez) hopes to continue hosting events centered around art and community, creating new and exciting immersive experiences for creatives while collaborating with supporting businesses to make her vision come to life. Sponsors of this event include Blick Art Materials, Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff, Classic Cinemas, Cafe Jumping Bean, Gallery Cafe, Sunnyside Plants, and Wolfbait & B-Girls.

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