I cannot support any version of OPRF’s Project 2 until the most important point is addressed. What about maintenance? The issue of why we find the existing pools in such state has been stated — lack of proper maintenance. Fine. I can vouch for that. In high school I was on a swimming team in the Suburban League, of which OPRF was a member, and I swam many times at OPRF. The pools were in great shape. Years later after moving to Oak Park I swam at the pools for the Sunday morning open swims and the pools needed maintenance. I guess they didn’t get any since that time.

So where are the plans, procedures for putting in place maintenance for the new pools, whatever size, version we get? That is a major issue and I have seen nothing addressing this fact. So we put in new pools and in X number of years we are back in the same place.

Poor planning. This is something the board and top executive should be addressing, not what size, color, etc. the lockers in the locker room should be.

Michael Papierniak
Oak Park

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