Quotes from OPRF High School’s equity director, Patrick Hardy [Case by case, how OPRF faces COVID concerns, News, Sept. 15], suggests he is answering any questions raised by unvaccinated students about the COVID vaccines. He seems to empathize with their concerns and states, “If there’s something I can do to support you, please let me know.”

The article also suggests some serious misconceptions by students and their families that are contributing to the spread of the virus and encouragement of new variants, both public health problems.

Well, it’s great and appropriate to his job description for Mr. Hardy to empathize with the students’ concerns, but for the sake of our community, how about doing more? For example, OPRF is in a great position to host regular question-and-answer sessions and have a mobile vaccination unit at the school, also involving parents. There are many capable and sensitive public health professionals who are employed by, or volunteer with, the Oak Park Dept. of Public Health who’d be glad to be involved for the sake of our entire community!

Marilyn Schlesinger

Oak Park

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