Carey Carlock

Here’s another departure that hurts. Carey Carlock, an Oak Parker, has resigned as head of Riveredge Hospital, a mental health provider, after 13 years. She arrived at a broken and isolated institution, which had a hard week on the front page of the Chicago Tribune, was cut off from admissions from state agencies, and had no connection or a negative connection to its local communities.

Riveredge Hospital shouted, “Stigma!

Carlock has changed that by working with intention and generosity, determined to integrate the Roosevelt Road facility into Forest Park, Oak Park and other neighbors. People were welcomed into the handsome facility for events and had their eyes opened by the staff members they met. 

Carlock also became a leader in the growing space of mental health advocacy in these villages. The shared message of open talk and compassion rather than silence and denial is reducing the stigma that has long permeated attitudes on mental health.

Carey Carlock will open a private practice in Oak Park, first of the year. Called Mosaic, its inclusive and radiant approach reflect that this is something she has long thought about creating. We’re grateful she will still have connections at Riveredge and will be fully invested in this worthy project.

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