Two 22-year-old men have been charged with aggravated use of an unlawful weapon in connection with the shooting that occurred at an Airbnb rental property located at 642 S. Lombard Ave. at 2:53 a.m., May 23. The incident left one person with a non-life-threatening injury. Neither of the two men live in Oak Park.

Kenji Moses, of the 5W200 block of Forest Lane in Elmhurst, and Montarius Sanders, of the 500 block of 47th Street in Bellwood, received the charges against them May 25. The police department did not specify if either man was the renter of the Airbnb.

Commander William Rygh told Wednesday Journal the Oak Park Police Department held Moses and Sanders overnight. The two men were then transported to a county jail facility in Maywood. 

The third suspect picked up by the Oak Park police was released from custody without charge, according to Sergeant Joshua Bertels, who told Wednesday Journal the investigation is still active. 

Kevin Radzinski, who lives four houses down from 642 S. Lombard Ave., witnessed the aftermath of the shooting. The gunfire woke Radzinski and his wife. He relayed to Wednesday Journal that he saw at least three cars flee from the area and about 15 to 20 people disperse. The people looked not much older than teenagers, according to Radzinski.

“They all looked like high school kids to me,” he said.

From his porch, Radzinski recorded the commotion he witnessed in his neighborhood, later posting it on Facebook. He did not believe that anyone from Oak Park or Austin was involved in the shooting. 

Radzinski told Wednesday Journal he thinks three firearms were used, having overheard police officers say the street was littered with three different types of shell casings. He saw police tag 22 shell casings up and down the street. 

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