We the undersigned are in opposition to the proposed apartment building at 7 Van Buren in Oak Park. We are a diverse neighborhood of individuals who live among numerous apartment buildings with mixed-income units, and we fully support the notion of affordable housing. 

However, while we share David Pope’s vision of “integrated affordability,” this proposed structure is inappropriate for the chosen site. Planned at six stories plus a roof deck, the proposed building would not only dwarf the surrounding apartments, condos, and houses nearby but would be twice as tall as any other building on Austin Boulevard in Oak Park. 

This structure, planned to contain 44 units but only 18 parking spaces, would drastically increase parking congestion. By overcrowding the neighborhood, the building would permanently inconvenience everyone in the area, including the new residents. 

In conclusion, this structure would be out of proportion to the surrounding buildings and inconsistent with neighborhood aesthetics.

Frank Vozak, Terry Rymer, Theresa Carilli, Jane Campbell, Ashly Speakman, James Gilchrist, Susan Gilchrist, Warren Jepson, Maria Jepson, Judith Eldridge, Juliana Schneider, Kevin Kell , Joe Darnaby, Anna Winters, Joann Umeki, Ronald Winters, Elizabeth Rexford, Jerry Hellman, Tim McCoy, Jeanne McCoy, Merle Tillery, Donald Tillery, Barbara Metric, Jeb Metric, Brad Antonacci, Penny Antonacci, Christi Dallam, Phillip Keeku, Colleen Keeku, Mike Austin, Amanda Austin, Sarah Hammer, John Linehan, Oak Park

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