I had to go to the ER here in Oak Park on Monday because of arrhythmia. I think it was caused by the COVID vaccine.

I was told to go there by my doctor whose office is at Northwestern. They said they would be able to get the EKG report even though it was a different hospital. (That never worked out.)

After waiting for about an hour in a small room after the EKG was done, I opened the door to see if I could find someone to tell me if I was supposed to stay there or go back to the lobby. A very rude young man, who looked at me like I had no right to be breathing, said I was being admitted. I asked for what? What is the diagnosis? He would not say. I said I came here to get the EKG so that my doctor at Northwestern could get the info and tell me what to do next. He just stared at me with a disgusted look on his face.

I said, “Well, I guess I’ll be going to Northwestern ER and this was a waste of time.”

I spent the rest of the day and evening at Northwestern ER. Finally, around 8:30 p.m., after lots of tests, I was released with instructions to follow up with my doctor.

I emailed my doctor, and got a call back from another rude young person. This time a female, who made fun of the fact I wanted an afternoon appointment. I tried to explain it was because of my back. I need to eat and wait for the meds to kick in. She didn’t get it.

Oh, did I mention, I’m a senior and these young people don’t realize that in about 20-30 minutes, they will be my age and probably be treated as rudely as I have been unless we fix this “ageism” problem right now.

My taxes have funded their schools, parks, libraries. They need to respect their elders.

How do we teach them?

Peggy Atkins, Oak Park

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