Four years ago, during another election, I met Vicki Scaman at a candidates event. It was around this time I began volunteering at YEMBA Inc. where Vicki is on the board. In fact, she was YEMBA’s first collaborative effort with a grant from the Community Foundation. Whenever we spoke, I learned something new about her. She’s brought restorative justice practices to our community and as head of the Liquor Commission she was instrumental in decriminalizing minors getting caught with drugs or alcohol; instead of charges brought against a kid and a huge fine, it was a $30 ticket. Immediate impact on low-income and unconnected families. That’s the road to equity, friends. That is change.

Her work with the local Chamber of Commerce bridges her experience on the civic side and the private sector business side. I can’t think of any way she wouldn’t be an amazing village president. 

Vicki has touched so many facets of this community. Her demeanor is calm and careful, bringing the peace we all need in order to function and move forward. I am not surprised she is one of the two left standing in this election. She will organize and create a village board that will benefit each and every resident of this community. She already has. She was looking out for us when she protected our village by keeping the Village Clerk’s Office in charge of FOIA requests when the “status quo” she is so often accused of being part of tried to move it from the Clerk’s oversight.

If you want labels, I can toss out buzzwords, but that’s not Vicki’s game. She is simply the best person for the job. When you hire someone, you look at their resume, you look for experience, skills and background. You can’t call for impact and then discount someone who has been making measurable and meaningful contributions to this community for decades. I hope you join me in supporting my friend Vicki Scaman for Village President.

Jennifer Quinlan, Oak Park

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