As OPRF enters the closing stretch of this most peculiar year, it is layering on still more uncertainty.

There is an election a week out. And while the six candidates for four open seats have the capacity to bring change, we don’t anticipate a wide diversion from the school’s focus on equity and a hint of financial restraint. 

There is the search for a new superintendent to replace the well regarded Joylynn Pruitt-Adams. The sitting board has chosen to hire the next superintendent on its way out the door. We get the impulse but given the timing of the announcement from Pruitt-Adams it has been a sped-up search process. That is not ideal.

Last week we reported that the school board put the breaks on a substantive overhaul of leadership within the school’s special education department. That entire process, and we recognize that special ed parents are always and rightly attuned to and suspicious of changes, seemed rushed. Good for the board for slowing it down. But we wonder how it got this far without more community input and administrative vetting. 

This week comes word that LeVar Ammons, the school’s first Director of Equity and Student Success, is decamping. While he says positive things about his less than two years at OPRF, we are always curious when a school leader leaves without a new job in the offing. 

Maybe multiple things will become clearer when the next superintendent is announced. In any case there will be challenges aplenty and we haven’t even mentioned COVID and getting students back to school no later than this fall.

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