From this impressive field of exceptional candidates in the coming election, I have chosen to support Chibuike Enyia’s candidacy for Oak Park Trustee. Chibuike remind us that we have much work to do solving the problems that confront us in Oak Park. In the approaching aftermath of our national calamities, our community will need individuals who are able to concisely interpret, communicate and act upon a broad spectrum of issues in the wake of COVID, divided democracy, inequities, ailing businesses and schools — just to name a few. This crop of young and diverse candidates for president and trustees holds promise for intersecting and engaging lingering problems that have all too often been dealt with through dysfunctional performances.  

Chibuike presents an opportunity for this community to select a committed individual who has readied himself to take on leadership responsibilities at the board level. He was raised in Oak Park, educated in Oak Park schools, and comes from strong traditions of caring, and sharing. He has made his home here with his wife and children, has worked with youth, mentoring and modeling values modeled for him in his youth to children he hopes will pass it on. He has grown to manhood here, an award-winning worker in the tech industries, started his own business, and has participated in initiatives that have enhanced our community. 

His proposals and ideas to address the pandemic, equity, the growth of businesses, and affordable housing deserve favorable scrutiny. Chibuike brings to the table perspectives, skills and experiences that will enrich and hasten deliberations into actions that will hopefully transform the life spaces of our village.

Finally, his plan for Community Engagement in Governing Oak Park lays out a thoughtful and inclusive framework for building successful and harmonious spaces in our village. He comes prepared to serve his community, despite the setbacks heir to all humans who aspire to a successful life. We’ve arrived at a place and time, in which we can no longer ignore the lingering priorities that divide us. Chibuike will work for us all at the table.

George Bailey, Oak Park

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