For the past several years, I have had the good fortune of working with Cathy Adduci on the Thrive Counseling Center Board. For the past eight years, I have also had the good fortune of living in River Forest with her as our village president. In both roles, she has distinguished herself as intelligent, genuine, thoughtful, caring and decisive. As a board member of Thrive, she demonstrates a clear understanding of the diverse needs of our residents, friends and neighbors and advocates for mental health awareness and initiatives. 

She knows that focusing on mental well-being is vital to building and maintaining a vital and healthy community. Cathy continues to demonstrate a natural and indefatigable ability to lead by listening and by consensus-building. She is unafraid to make the difficult decisions that a leader must, despite knowing that she will bear the blame if something should not be perfect. Her relationships with local, state and national officials, such as the Cook County commissioner, state representatives, Illinois Speaker, state senators, surrounding village mayors and presidents as well as local business leaders and trustees, bring strength and resources to our village, such as the $1.34 million from the recently passed federal stimulus law. 

She has the experience and vision to make River Forest an even better place to live, which is why she has already gotten my vote.

James Mizgala, River Forest

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