Our country is experiencing a paradigm shift at the national level. Black Lives Matter and racial equity have become a civic conversation. Our vote for a more progressive agenda last November was heard. We are seeing a dramatic change to put people before corporate profits with the passage of the American Rescue Plan. We have the same opportunity here in Oak Park to cast a vote for a candidate who can apply what is happening nationally to our local government. A vote for a candidate to be a force for good.

We have a choice between two women, both capable of leading our local government. The question of choice, in my opinion, has to do with vision and the courage to reimagine our village as a progressive community, placing front and center equity and justice. What needs to change is the status quo.

Cate has the vision to revisit how the government of Oak Park has been operating these last several years. She has the courage to draw attention to and listen to how people think about hot-button policies like housing, policing, public health, the budget, public works and services and then frame these issues as problems with solutions. She has the skills to bring together divergent opinions, listening for compromise that sustain the common good with transparency and accountability.

Cate reflects my core values, meeting the needs of my fellow residents, putting people before developers, humility and civility rather than “politics as usual.” She is our chance to infuse new energy and passion into our community, motivating citizens from all demographics, youth to seniors, engaging them in partnerships and service to our community.

Go to CateforOakPark.org and read her plans, take advantage of the many opportunities to meet her in a virtual setting, challenge her with your questions and concerns. As you reflect on what is important to you and where your values align with how you view our community, I believe you will conclude that she is the person we want to lead our village.

This will be a close race and every vote will be needed. Please support Cate Readling for Village President and have your voice heard.

Charlene Cliff, Oak Park

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