As I try to educate myself about all of the candidates, Lucia Robinson is a stand-out. Though I did not know her before she became a candidate, I have become impressed beyond measure. Her work providing legal services to the underprivileged has empowered the disenfranchised and demonstrated her commitment to do the practical, difficult work, in the fight for equity. When I combine this with her experience in finance, I realized she also has the tools to make the tough decisions about financial priorities. This makes her uniquely qualified to lead Oak Park at this moment.

Lucia embodies everything Oak Park needs right now. As a long term resident, the parent of mixed-race children, and an attorney and advocate for justice, she not only has the background and practical experience to lead Oak Park, but more importantly, the commitment and temperament to unite us. She will ensure that our community moves forward compassionately on the many complex issues facing us, including equity, transparency and economic revitalization.

I am so proud to support Lucia, and am thankful for everything she will bring to our village board.

Annemarie Kill, Oak Park

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