The demographic changes in River Forest are bringing about a major change in the nature of its village board. In the 2019 election, the board began a significant shift from old guard to new. The coming election will complete that shift. The old in-groupiness of RF village boards, in which mostly those who knew somebody got to be somebody, will be gone. The new people on the board from 2019 and 2021 will neither be beholden to vested interests in the village nor under their control.

We need someone from that new guard at the helm to make it work. We truly don’t need someone so emphatically from the old in-group trying to keep the village from facing multiple issues it has needed to face for quite a while. With Patty Henek as president, the board can come to grips with fixing the bungled affordable housing initiative, with executing a true diversity (and racial equity!) plan, and with taking definitive action on the miserable Lake-Lathrop mess. 

We could conceivably see the end of red-light cameras in the village, removing a boost to the village coffers gained at the expense of low-income drivers — not possible under Ms. Adduci, for numerous reasons. We could see an actual, meaningful relationship with Maywood based on common concerns and ideas. And we could keep Ms. Adduci to her sort-of promise of a few years back: to serve only two terms.

This all sounds really hopeful. It can only work if we elect Patty Henek as River Forest Village Board President.

Ed McDevitt, River Forest

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