I write in support of Stephen Morales, Ravi Parakkat, and Lucia Robinson for Oak Park trustees. I recently finished my term on the Citizens Police Oversight Committee, during which I reviewed every complaint against the Oak Park Police Department for the past four years. Policing is a tough job and, viewing these complaints in their totality, I found the Oak Park PD to be an outstanding police department. The officers are dedicated, well trained, and serve our community well, and the command staff is top-notch. True, other police departments have significant issues but not Oak Park PD. They do policing right and they should be treated accordingly.

Certain other candidates want to defund the Oak Park PD, but there is no value in punishing those who do policing right. Stephen Morales, Ravi Parakkat, and Lucia Robinson have committed to not defund the police. For that reason, I support them all for Oak Park Trustee.

Bob Pickrell, Oak Park

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