I just finished listening to Johann Buis, who is running for River Forest Trustee, talk about what he can bring to the village. Oh my gosh! This is a Renaissance Man. I am not exaggerating. He discussed ideas he has for the village — some are long-term planning things, important and progressive, but not what I want to talk about here. 

What impressed me the most was his passion for bringing the arts to River Forest in a variety of ways. I have always considered River Forest a sleepy, conservative village. I moved here 24 years ago and it has not changed much. What you have to realize is we have so much more to offer our community and the communities that surround us. 

Johann had some brilliant ideas for moving forward. He is not just about short-term goals; he is a visionary and really thinks it is important to look toward the future.

I am writing to encourage anyone who wants to see a more vibrant River Forest to join one of Johann’s meet-and-greet Zoom meetings and just listen. I am sure you will be just as excited as I am about the possibilities for our community if you take an hour and attend one of these meetings.

For more information: https://vote.johannbuis.com/home

Our village will be better for it!

Laurie Gillard, River Forest

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