I am writing to endorse District 97 school board candidate Jeremy Duffy. I have the privilege of knowing Jeremy as a colleague and friend. I met him in 2015, when he served as legal counsel for a school district where I served as Assistant Superintendent. I witnessed firsthand his commitment to improving systems for students. As a sitting school superintendent, I am confident that he’d be an asset to our district. His vast knowledge and experience in the educational sector, coupled with his child-centered disposition, position him as the perfect candidate.

Something I admire most about Jeremy is his intentionality in considering various perspectives when making decisions. He has a rare combination of approachability and fierce commitment to what is best for children that will facilitate stakeholder collaboration, while keeping the focus on equitably serving the children of our community.

He is passionate about transparency and clear communication to the broader community. His experiences as an educator, legal counsel for schools, and his current role as attorney for the Waukegan School District Board of Education provide him with unique insight surrounding the complexity of a school system. He recognizes the need for information related to things like finance and operations to be accessible to the average citizen.

When I met Jeremy in 2015, he was in the process of relocating to Oak Park. Given his knowledge of school systems, he did a vast amount of research and made a conscious decision in choosing Oak Park, knowing the investment he was making in his own children moving here. What struck me about him then and now is the passion and enthusiasm he has for Oak Park and our district’s success. With him, we have the opportunity to honor the long history of D97 being a destination for families while continuing the community charge to close the opportunity gap that can support us in becoming a flagship district for this work.

It is my privilege and honor to endorse Jeremy Duffy in his quest for a D97 Board of Education seat.

Merryl Brownlow, Oak Park

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