I feel grateful to live in a village that has such a professional, competent and dedicated president and board of trustees. River Forest is fortunate to have high quality candidates running for village president; however, I plan to cast my vote for Cathy Adduci.

She has demonstrated exceptionally solid leadership and governance skills during her tenure as village president. Managing a nearly $30 million budget requires a depth of experience and strong relationships with county, state and federal government. Her many years of experience serving as a corporate executive and village trustee, along with her willingness to listen and her desire and ability to solve complex problems make her an ideal leader during these challenging times.

At the onset of the COVID-19 crisis and throughout this past year, Adduci’s competence has been put on full display. She swiftly responded to the crisis by directly communicating to residents via frequent e-newsletters to promote social distancing, mask-wearing, and share testing site and vaccine information. She led an effort to partner volunteers with seniors needing groceries and medication, and she secured financial relief to the most vulnerable though property tax relief. Despite the strain that the pandemic has exerted on our village, she has managed to keep River Forest’s budget balanced through sensible choices and policies.

President Adduci has also made it clear that she is committed to improving and enhancing racial, ethnic and gender equity and inclusion in our village at all levels. She has implemented more progressive training for police and has demanded greater transparency and accountability of law enforcement. I am pleased that she is invested in furthering this important work through a variety of initiatives that are being developed, along with our dedicated village trustees and other community members.

At this time, I believe we need a leader to serve as president of River Forest who is tried and tested. Cathy Adduci is that person. I look forward to supporting her as she continues to expand and develop the important initiatives and projects that she has helped set in motion.

Christine Khaledan, River Forest

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