I recently read an article in the Feb. 24 Wednesday Journal about small businesses. I have to say I disagree with this article.

 I am the proud owner of the Skincare Company Spa & Salon. I was in the same location as the businesses mentioned in the article. When my landlord announced he was reinventing the location on Lake Street and gave me ample notice to relocate, I called and scheduled a meeting with the village and explained my situation. I told Eric Palm I wanted to keep my business in River Forest as I am happy in River Forest. The village offered to help me by helping to pay a portion of my move and relocation of my business to the Madison Street TIF District. I was told the village wanted to help businesses move to an area where there was open, unused space that is otherwise undervalued.

I offered to talk to all the businesses on Lake Street, and I personally spoke and met with all the business owners and presented them the information regarding a relocation and move-in assistance offered for all the businesses along Lake Street. As business owners, we all had a choice to stay in River Forest. The village helped my business, and they would have helped others, too.

As for Trustee Patty Henek, who voted not to support my move, she is not pro-small business. 

The village has a great understanding of the challenges that our local small businesses face today. The COVID-19 crisis is no small issue. It has affected our businesses to the extent that we need true experience and leadership to find a path forward.

Our business has proven to be a positive asset for the village of River Forest and my hope is that we will move into the future with the same superior leadership we have now.

Sandra Capizzi, Skincare Company Spa & Salon

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