Years ago, a staffer at my store and I were goofing around and complaining about a post we had seen on Facebook. Someone posted somewhere about how irritated they were with the village of Oak Park and their solution was to go to village hall, demand their problem be solved, and yell at the employees there, “You work for me!” 

The staffer and I were just so unimpressed with the entitled attitude of the person who posted.

Christina Waters, who had taken a part time job at Lively in addition to her full-time job at village hall, listened to us complaining. It would have been so easy (and so fun) if she had joined in with us, and shared some horror stories about entitled residents and the crazy things they said. 

But what she did instead impressed me so much, and has stuck with me for years after the event. 

She asked where the post was, she asked about the details, and she told me it was her personal mission to change the perception of village hall and give every resident a positive experience. She wasn’t at all upset about what the resident had posted but was more focused on the future and how to make sure every resident left village hall with an answer to their question and a smile on their face. 

At that time, I believe she was working as the assistant to Tammie Grossman, the director of Development Customer Services. She already had a clear vision of the kind of village she wanted to live in, and the kind of village hall she wanted to work in. 

Christina Waters didn’t last long as an employee at Lively, much to our disappointment. She was so involved in so many community projects, and kept getting promoted at work, and just didn’t have the time any more for her fun part-time job. Christina radiates a calm kindness, and her competence at any job she takes on is almost overwhelming. 

She has my full endorsement and support for Village Clerk. She also has the endorsement of my sister and co-owner, Kate Marlin, and our store manager, Ellen Maliff. I know that, as a small business owner, I will interact with Christina when I get permits for events or have questions about village-related issues. I cannot think of a better person for the job than Christina Waters. 

Anne Pezalla, Co-owner, Lively Athletics

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