I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ravi Parakkat over the past several years through his involvement in PlanItGreen forums, his work on the village of Oak Park’s Environment & Energy Commission, and most recently through our involvement on an ad-hoc group working on Sustainability Fund recommendations to village trustees.

My repeated experience of Ravi is that he is grounded, thoughtful and respectful, and that he offers new ideas while also asking questions that prompt new insights. He is collaborative by nature and thoughtful in the sense of thinking through issues from all sides of the coin.

You won’t hear him calling people names, but rather looks to understand others’ perspectives in a respectful manner — even if he disagrees. He is a problem-solver with a lens of diverse perspective from his own background, and he is a strong advocate for sustainability and equity with an understanding of how they go hand-in-hand both globally and locally.

I invite you to join me in supporting Ravi Parakkat for village of Oak Park trustee.

Gary Cuneen, Oak Park

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