As we close 2020, Oak Park’s Citizen Involvement Commission (CIC) wishes to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the tireless work our many commission volunteers do. It goes without saying that serving on a commission requires both energy and effort. Volunteers spend countless hours attending meetings, spearheading projects, and donating their valuable personal time, all for the greater good of the village. 

With their stellar dedication, expertise, and unique talents, Oak Park volunteers contribute in vital ways to the overall success of the village’s governance. Their involvement directly reflects the kind of people they are — giving, compassionate, and actively involved. They serve as an inspiration to others, and their contributions do not go unrecognized or unnoticed. 

The CIC wishes for all volunteers continued success and the knowledge that their individual and collective efforts make Oak Park a better place.

To all of you: Thank you, so much, for your service. We wish you a healthy, safe, and happy 2021.

Oak Park commissions:

  • Aging in Place
  • Board of Health
  • Building Codes Advisory Committee
  • Citizen Involvement
  • Citizens Police Oversight
  • Civic Information Systems 
  • Community Design
  • Community Development
  • Community Relations
  • Disability Access
  • Environment & Energy
  • Farmers Market
  • Fire & Police Commissioners
  • Historic Preservation
  • Housing Programs
  • Liquor Control 
  • Plan Commission
  • Transportation
  • Zoning Board of Appeals

If you are interested in serving on a commission, please contact Village Clerk Vicki Scaman at or call 708-524-5672.

Oak Park Citizen Involvement Commission

John Troelstrup

Conrad Terry

Frank Pond

Sandra Novack-Gottshall

Greg Kolar

Curtis Lott

David Erickson

Rebecca O’Brien

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