My name is Emma Meister Bresnahan and I am a senior at Oak Park and River Forest High School. I have been working on a service learning project, centered on sustainability, for my civics class. Climate change is a frightening, very real thing, and I know a lot of people feel like there is nothing they can do to help. 

Of course, this isn’t true! There are always small changes that people can implement in their lives to do better for the planet, and better for themselves, even if they may seem small. Small actions can add up, the more you do them and the more people begin to try. 

With this message in mind, I created a poster of some simple things that people can do to be more sustainable. A lot of them are very basic things that people may already know, so I plan to make more in the future that have more varied examples. Even if the implementations I suggest are basic things, my poster can be a launching point. 

For example, if someone saw my poster and realized that they were doing a lot of the things I had listed, they might try to find more ways to improve their environmental impact. Which is exactly my goal! 

As long as people are thinking about the way they treat the world, and hopefully making some change(s) to be better, that’s good enough for me. I have attached an image of my poster to this email, and even if you choose to do nothing with it, I hope that it inspires you to think about how you could improve your actions to better the environment. 

Emma Meister Bresnahan

OPRF High School student

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