Young students in The Day Nursery playground.

At the heart of The Day Nursery’s mission is the belief that all children have the right to a quality early childhood education regardless of their ability to pay.

COVID-19 has resulted in an unemployment rate not seen since the Great Depression. Many who still have jobs have seen their hours cut. That recently happened to a Day Nursery family who had been in attendance for almost two years. The parents experienced a reduction of hours as well as required furlough days. They asked The Day Nursery if they could somehow reduce their child’s attendance temporarily to make ends meet during this challenging time. 

At The Day Nursery, we understand that for children, consistency and continuity are vitally important, especially in early childhood. So, The Day Nursery worked with the parents, recalculating their new income, and was able to provide them with a reasonable fee level, that considered their new circumstances. Utilizing our internal financial assistance, The Day Nursery could give the family an opportunity for their child to continue to attend the program 5 days a week, providing the child the consistency needed to thrive and the parents some piece of mind.

Everyone – The Day Nursery, the child, and the parents – were thrilled to create a solution that worked for all. That’s The Day Nursery Difference.

Thanks to our generous donors whose gifts can provide support to families when they may need it the most and ensure that we can continue our mission to provide exceptional early childhood education in an environment that welcomes all children, enhances individual strengths, and fosters the academic, social-emotional, and physical development that leads to school readiness.

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