Here at Animal Care League (ACL), we understand and respect the bond between pets and people. It’s why we created the Pets and People Support Program (PPSP), a free/low-cost resource for community members, especially seniors, experiencing financial hardship.

The function of this program is to keep pets and people together, an increasingly necessary objective as we respond to the current pandemic. We achieve this through harnessing the power of community and calling upon its members to help ensure that a lack of resources won’t be the determining factor of pets ending up in shelters; surrendering a pet is heartbreaking and the repercussions of which can take a serious toll on mental health, and the emotional trauma can last years.

Since the start of the PPSP in October 2020, we’ve delivered over 100 care packages, including over 1,000 pounds of food! Helen and Cicily receive monthly care packages, prepared and delivered by ACL volunteers. After Thanksgiving, Helen made a special trip to ACL with Cicily to exclaim, “I’m very humbled and grateful for the support that [ACL] has given me, for Cicily.”

Not only does the PPSP closely adhere to our mission of “… promoting the human/animal bond.” It’s also rekindling group volunteering during COVID, with businesses, schools, and scouting troops conducting virtual food drives to benefit the PPSP!

Pet food and supply packages are available upon request for those residing within a 10-mile radius of Oak Park. And thanks to Beyond Hunger, care packages include food and supplies for both pets and people! In addition to care packages, we also offer subsidized or free support services (veterinary care, pet fees, grooming, training, fence repairs, etc.) on a case-by-case basis as funds are available.

To donate food and supplies or volunteer, visit our website at And if you or someone you know is worried about meeting the financial obligations of keeping pets, know that ACL is always here to support pets and people in our community.

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