If ever a town and its professional manager were a match, it has been River Forest and Eric Palm. Over his 10 years as village administrator, much has been accomplished but always calmly and without drama. 

Palm seldom made headlines in his own right and, clearly, that was his plan. Elected officials took the lead, received the kudos and the criticisms, while he led a staff of increased professionalism using more modern tools than was typical in River Forest.

Last week he announced his coming departure. He will wrap up in River Forest in early February and take his steady act on the road to northwest suburban Hoffman Estates where he will serve as manager. It will be a major step on the career ladder as Hoffman Estates has a population of 52,000 vs. roughly 11,000 in River Forest. He will lead a staff of 400 full and part-time employees. He replaces a village manager who retired in August after 22 years in the post. Clearly Hoffman Estates likes stable. 

The village president there said Monday night as Palm’s hiring was unanimously approved, that they are counting on Palm to bring “efficiency and growth.” Seems a likely outcome.

We wish him well. He deserves the promotion and he leaves River Forest, even in the midst of this pandemic, in good shape.

The village board will begin its search for an administrator in the new year. 

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