The majority of families in our community have not experienced any issues with getting food on the table, which has been a privilege we take for granted. Now, in the wake of unemployment and lack of income from months of quarantine, many families may be in a struggle they have never experienced before: food insecurity. For those unfamiliar, food insecurity means struggling to feed oneself and one’s family due to lack of income or other resources. 

OPRF High School is trying to help supply said resources through its now expanded meal distribution program. Prior to COVID-19, OPRF offered free lunches to students from low-income families. This year, in reaction to the pandemic, a new policy has been put into place. Meal distribution is now available to any family that has children under 18 living at home. Parents can come, no questions asked, and receive meals from OPRF — seven complete breakfasts and seven complete lunches containing proteins, whole grains, fruit, vegetables, and milk, which come with instructions for storing and cooking meals. For any family affected by food insecurity, pickup is every Tuesday, from 6:30-8 a.m. at Door 3 (on Scoville Avenue). 

Pre-pandemic, food insecurity was still an issue in the community, and it is now more rampant than ever. Receiving breakfast and lunch for each week may not sound like a lot, but for our friends, family, neighbors, and the community it could have a profound impact.

Emery Brandhorst

River Forest

OPRF High School junior

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