For those motivated to get involved, here are some ideas from Sherri Mudd, a friend of a friend:

Don’t waste your time posting on Facebook or texting like-minded friends. Get organized. Target candidates in vulnerable Republican senatorial races or those who just hate Trump. Call their offices on the phone. Call them every day. Say (as politely as you can) that you request that the Senate not confirm another Supreme Court nominee until after the next president is sworn in on Jan. 20, 2021.

Reports say that Lisa Murkowski has already stated she will not vote for a new Supreme Court justice until after the next president is in office. Call her!

Lisa Murkowski: 202-224-6665 (Hates Trump)

Mitt Romney: 202-224-5251 (Hates Trump)

Susan Collins: 202-224-2523 (Is going to lose anyway – so should hate Trump)

Martha McSally: 202-224-2235 (Vulnerable)

Cory Gardner: 202-224-5941 (Vulnerable)

We have to have four Republican senators who will vote against in order to save the Supreme Court. Don’t try to reason with McConnell (but you said in 2016 …). That is a waste of energy. But do donate to the woman who’s running against him,

 In fact, give a ton of money to every senate candidate we need to win in November, such as:

John Hickenlooper in Colorado:

Mark Kelly in Arizona:

Sara Gideon in Maine:

Cal Cunningham in North Carolina:

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