People will have to find somewhere else to get a quick and affordable haircut in Oak Park, as the national hairstyling chain Hair Cuttery has permanently closed its Oak Park location at 1010 Lake St., following corporate financial troubles.

“We were very sad,” said Mayra Briseno, the location’s manager. “We worked in that location for years.”

The 13 stylists that worked there had developed very close relationships with their clients, many of whom started getting haircuts there as small children.

“We really bonded with a lot of our clients and we really love everyone that’s supported us over the years,” said Olivia Ochoa, the assistant manager. “We don’t want to let them think we abandoned them.”

In what was believed to be a temporary closure, the Oak Park Hair Cuttery shuttered its doors March 19 under the village’s shelter-in-place order. Shortly after, Hair Cuttery’s parent company, Creative Hairdressers Inc., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy April 23.

The location’s closure became official May 13, but the company gave the location’s staff little time to prepare.

“They literally called me a day before and told me that the salon was going to close and I needed to let my salon professionals know that they all had to like get their stuff by the next business day,” said Briseno.

HC Salon Inc. acquired Creative Hairdressers Inc. following its bankruptcy declaration.

Briseno had worked at the Oak Park Hair Cuttery for nine years. Ochoa worked there for six years. Neither expected the salon would close.

Although Hair Cuttery no longer employs Briseno and Ochoa, the two have not severed ties with each other professionally. They’ve decided to start their own independent salon. Roots and Cuttery will open in August at 6910 W. 16th St. in Berwyn, not far from Oak Park.

They hoped to find a vacant space in Oak Park but were unsuccessful in their search. Briseno and Ochoa don’t intend to get too settled in Berwyn; they plan on moving their salon to Oak Park when a suitable location becomes available.

“We’re in Berwyn,” said Ochoa. “But we’re going to make our way back to Oak Park.”

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