It’s time to dust off the good old culinary crystal ball in hopes it gives me 20/20 vision and reveals a few notable food trends for the new year. Obviously, I have no guarantee if my selections are correct, but have high hopes I’ll be proven right over the next 12 months. Looking back on my trend predictions from 2019, I have to say “burger fatigue” certainly made room for chicken sandwich wars and I anticipate we will see the chicken sandwich obsession continue in 2020. Additionally, self-ordering kiosks, harissa, and weed cuisine will also continue to gain in popularity in the coming year, but to be truly on trend be sure to make a little room in your diet for Filipino Halo Halo, manage stress with herbs, and cook a chicken on a spit. While you’re at it, help prove me right by ordering a sourdough donut, snagging tinned fish, or using oat milk with your next bowl of cereal!


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