The Desplaines Mosquito Abatement District recently reported to the village of Oak Park the discovery of three mosquitos in Oak Park over the last few weeks with the West Nile Virus. 

Mark Tomek, a biologist with the mosquito abatement district, said it’s not unusual for them to find some mosquitos with West Nile Virus, but this year the numbers they’re seeing have been lower than normal. That could be because of the cooler temperatures this year. 

“They’re starting to pop up a little later in the season,” he said. 

Tomek said only 20 percent of those infected with the virus experience symptoms, and a little under 1 percent of cases have serious effects. 

The discovery of the mosquitos was revealed in a recent report by Oak Park Village Manager Cara Pavlicek. That report notes: “While the risk of contracting the virus is small, the village always ramps up its communication efforts to urge residents to take precautions to avoid being bitten and eliminate breeding sites. Information is maintained at and promoted via all public information channels, including the OP/FYI newsletter, the website and social media.”

Tim Inklebarger

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