The District 90 Caucus — a diverse group of more than two dozen River Forest residents — has issued endorsements for the upcoming April election, where eight candidates are running for four vacant seats on the River Forest District 90 board of education. 

“They’re best for the community,” said Jennifer Nelson, chairperson of the caucus, about their choices. 

The caucus endorsed incumbent Rich Moore, an educator and school administrator; Cal Davis, a safety manager who previously served on the D90 board; Katie Avalos, administrative manager for a local interfaith organization; and architect Hui Kang. 

The caucus interviewed each candidate for 20 minutes before making their endorsements. 

The 23-member group then held a silent vote over who to endorse. Because it was a silent vote, Nelson said she was unable to provide specifics on why each candidate was chosen. 

The D90 Caucus comprises 23 individuals who represent the three public schools in River Forest. 

Individuals must apply to the group; having children in the schools is not a criterion to be a member. 

Nona Tepper

This article has been updated to reflect that four seats will open come April.

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