This is the Sonos unit in my kitchen. We have another speaker (unit) in my living room. We wish we had another for our outdoor patio, or our backporch, or bedrooms, or bathroom.

Sonos lets me listen to music using my Pandora Account, I-Tunes, Google Play, my saved MP3’s on my own hard drive library. I can connect to local radio stations. If I was hip enough I could listen with Spotify, Songza, or Slacker. I can connect my I-Pod directly. I can use Sonos as just a speakers.  It’s so much more.  

With Sonos you control the music from an application on your phone. Yup. I can change the channel, turn the volume up or down, turn off the living room and only listen in the kitchen – I can do all of that just by using my phone. 

The first week we had this in place I had so much fun going upstairs and turning up and down the volume in my living room to tease my family.  

It is a serious motivational burst listening to Pandora’s Fitness Dance Music station through the whole house when we are cleaning the whole house. (Pandora lets you select for language btw – an option I highly suggest if cleaning with your 5 year old) 

In an era of having one foot in hightech and one foot in lower tech Sonos has allowed us to fully integrate all of our music options easily. All of those musicals I purchased at Val’s last summer as used CD’s are a play list I can pipe through the whole house. It means I can listen to Sound of Music from beginning to end if I wanted or I can pick just a few of my favorite tunes.  And then – I can listen to my Pandora Fiddler on the Roof station and listen to music just like my musicals. 

And it has a fantastic sound. We haven’t ever owned a better speaker system for our music. The sound on this is awesome. 

You can buy this locally at Every Last Byte.  I highly recommend it.  Highly.  

This might just be the best gadget geek gift around.

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Sarah Corbin

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