Welcome back to another installment of This Old Journal. Today we’ll get our first look at the floor plan that our interior designer Kellie Scott – owner of Divine Consign in Oak Park – created for us. You may remember this is a first for us, working with a professional to plan ahead and lay out our community room so that we can get the most use out of it.

Kellie started on the project early when she came in to take measurements and speak with our staff about the goals we have for the space. You may remember some of the ideas our team came up with – an area for staff to relax, seating for up to 30 people taking part in one of our community organizations and even room for an occasional photo shoot.

Kellie’s plan divided up this once cavernous room into several function spaces. Starting with the small office bump-out she’s picked out a marble topped desk where staff or their children could pull up a stool and work on a computer. She also called for a long coat rack along the wall to accommodate guests when we have community meetings.

Next to the bump-out will be an informal seating area where staff could gather for a quick meeting or just to relax between deadlines. She’s picked out a couch and chairs that her staff will reupholster is a beautiful, colorful new fabric.

Across from the informal area will be a more formal and traditional conference table. Originally she had picked out a massive glass conference table for this space, but after some discussion with our staff we’ve opted to use a different material for the table. The staff had a safety concern with glass table and the children we occasionally have running around the office. We also wanted this entire space to be flexible, so that furniture could be easily moved around, and a glass conference table is anything but easily moved.

Without a doubt the one piece of furniture in Kellie’s plan that has everyone most excited … a chaise lounge. It’ll be reupholstered with the same fabric as the rest of the furniture and it’s a safe bet our staff will be lining up to relax on it as they read the latest issue of our newspaper.

Now that the painters have finished and pulled up all their drop clothes we’ll be ready for the delivery of all this furniture from Kellie. Later on we’ll show you all of it coming off the truck and up the stairs to our new space. We’re also going to show you a custom accent wall that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

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