Defiant Comics at 7234 Madison in Forest Park has been open just shy of a full year.  

I was really impressed today – first visit – and I was really impressed. 

They have the whole store arranged alphabetically. Thank goodness.

I am not a comic genius. I’m not really a comic fan.

I certainly have  brothers, uncles, and now sons who like comics enough to have attended conventions, collected series of special comics, and to have given me comics as gifts.  My daughter has been a fan of some graphic novel series in the most recent past and is beginning to like Wonder Woman.  (Why on earth does she have a share a comic book with Superman?)

My son isn’t always a superhero guy. Not always. This week though, he can’t get enough of Spiderman. He keeps talking about Batman.

Since we had some free time and today seemed like the perfect day to go check out Defiant and treat my son to a comic.

We could have stayed in that store for a lot longer than we did.

Defiant is equipped with a kids play area! Yes, that’s right. Those Imaginext sets my son is crazy about – all superhero’s in a little play room.  PERFECTION.  

They have $2 bins. Frankly if you have a 5 yr old reading comics, $2 is the perfect price. There is no hope of keeping something more expensive in a collector like state. 

The owner? SUPER nice. He was like a super friendly, super hero comic book store owner.  Yep. 

The store is neat and tidy. I know I can go back and get some great toys around the holidays – or sooner.  And they have a play room. My son is already asking when we can go back again. 

I figure it’s a good reward. As he gets better and better at reading – we can treat to comics once a week. $2 is a bargain. It’s better than an allowance.  

Go out and shop there – you’ll like it too. 

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Sarah Corbin

Sarah, a life long Oak Parker, enjoys supporting local small business as much as possible.  With over 20 years in big box and little box retail, she brings a unique perspective to our local business community. ...

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