Full disclosure, I am close friends with Maria at Green Home Experts. We have loads in common and she’s nice enough to let me blog for her occasionally. 

On a recent visit she looked at me and asked if she could show me something. Then she brought out her future garden center sign.  I screamed out loud, “I LOVE IT! THAT IS the most awesome sign ever!”  I’m not exaggerating. I really did scream. I think it’s pretty great. 

Maria called Sign Express in Oak Park, 900 S.Oak Park Ave, right on the corner near Oak Park Bakery by the expressway. 

She explained her general idea of what she wanted her garden center signage to look like. She uses Sign Express often, has a good relationship with them already.  

Sign Express designers came up with the design at no extra charge to her. They came up with this fabulous sign. Sign Express had to look up what her hours were. They have her logos and other images on file. And they made this fantastic sign. 

She said to me, “Oh my gosh I’m so glad you had exactly the same reaction I had. I think those guys thought I was a little crazy – it’s so awesome isn’t it?  They are great over there. They just don’t know how great they are.”

Before you rush over to check out the great sign, the GHE garden center isn’t open yet. Maria Grand Opens the Garden Center on May 3rd.  Rumor has it Chicago Pizza Boss is going to be parked out front for the lunch hours. So you can check out the sign on May 3rd and grab a slice. 

In the meantime, it sounds like Sign Express is a great value and a great business to work with and have work for you. 

PS – I should also disclose that they are OPRF Chamber Members. Cathy Yen is also a huge fan. And after I started the piece bragging about them she told me some more fabulous things they had done for the Chamber including my soon to be name badge. I start my official post at the OPRF Chamber next Tuesday as Member Services Specialist.  I’m super pscyhed about that btw.

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