So just who is the youngest village trustee in the history of Oak Park? Well, it isn’t Andrea Ott, the recently appointed 32-year-old attorney.

Despite the suggestion and conjecture that Ott was, might be, could be the youngest trustee to serve in the post, we can now tell you definitively that Clifford T. Osborn was younger — a kid of 29 — when he has elected trustee in 1969. He served two terms as trustee, took some time off, and then was recruited by the VMA and won election as village president for one term in 1985.

Note that we aren’t claiming here that Cliff Osborn was the youngest person ever elected to village office. Perhaps there was a still younger person way back when. We’re just saying that Osborn was younger than Ott.

Thanks to Johan Walsh and Sandra Sokol — both long-timers at village hall — for the heads up.

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