My breakfast, Thursday, at Madison Park Kitchen in Forest Park.

By Sarah Corbin 

The Oak Park River Forest Chamber of Commerce is heading up Foodie Fest, a two week festival of food offerings from 53 area restaurants February 18- March 4.  It’s not just for dinner and many of those 53 are offering LUNCH specials. (or breakfast). Check out my quick list, to help you make some plans for lunch (or breakfast) today. 

Don’t worry, I’ll follow up with a hot dinner spot list tomorrow.  If you are anxious go to for the full list.  


There are a few special mentions in this category. I really love a good breakfast. Since coffee is my vice of choice lately, with a good cup of fresh fruit, I know the breakfast spots are some of my favorite places. 


There a loads of lunches to get munching on in and around Oak Park. Here is just the list. Get over to for the specifics.


(have you been here yet?) They didn’t just change the name last year when they purchased this fine little restaurant spot, they also refreshed the menu. I can vouch for their delicious coffee and fabulous specials. I have never been here when one of the owners wasn’t. And I love that about a place.

My tip: The Portobello Benedict was SUPER good this morning (with coffee and a side of fruit). They offer three Foodie Fest specials each at $10.


Seriously, 2 coffees and 2 pastires of the day! I’ve been here already too many times to count. The coffee is great. And their pastries have been selected personally by Jayne and Heidi our two favorite Team Blonde owners ever! Gluten FREE? Yes – they have made a specific effort to have loads of GLUTEN FREE options including fresh pastries from Flur in Riverside.


Can’t we all vouch for their coffee? Blue Max’s $20 special includes one of their bags of COFFEE BEANS. Frankly, that’s a special this gals gotta get more than once!


Did you know that Delia’s lets you pre-purchase a coffee for someone in need? I love that about this hot breakfast spot. Their $10 breakfast special includes coffee or tea, eggs any style with a side of meat and pancakes. It’s a veritable feast.

That little * indicates they have a lunch specfic SPECIAL.

Madison Park Kitchen

Starship Subs *

Counter Coffee*

Winberies *

Aripos *

Eastgate *

Blue Max *

Big Corner Tavern

Mancini’s has a “morning special” – they open at 11am. *

Taste of Brasil

12 streetwings


Sushi House

Delias *

Paisan’s Pizza Berwyn


Lou Malnati’s *

Big Guys Sausage

Danny’s Deli and Catering *

Burger Boss


Erik’s Deli

Want to say something about a lunch you had during FoodieFest? Send in your blog to and we’ll include it with our blog roll. Include your pics, contact info for our on-line editor and your blog as you would like it to appear and send them all to

Happy Munching!

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