I’m not sure how much I am for resolutions. But I would like to do some things in 2014 that I couldn’t quite get to in 2013.

1. Open Work Wright.

2. Write more often and with more compassion and open honesty.

3. Enroll in a class at Triton to see how academic worthy I am – set the course for an MBA in my 40’s.

4. Lead a training session for local businesses.

5. Kill the credit cards.

6. Make the time for conscious, specific physical activity.

7. Write more personal letters to friends and family.

8. Use all the Ball jars I planned to use for homemade custard Christmas presents in 2012.

9. Get the piano tuned and fixed. Practice.

10. Replace the broken shelving in our basement storage area.

11. Spend more time with my husband, independent of children.

12. Fix the wooden chairs in my house that all seem to be coming unglued.

I don’t feel like 2013 was a stellar year. But it laid some groundwork for some future fantasticness. And I think it’s important for folks to look back with an optimistic eye and list some accomplishments.

So in 2013 I did these things – not connected to a resolution.

1. I laid the groundwork with my friend and biz partner Jill for Work Wright – a good thing all around.

2. I successfully completed my first 5 day juice fast. Not bad – didn’t gain any of it back. I’m up for another round in 2014.

3. I completely gave up artificial sweeteners (no more diet soda). I did have a glass of real coke at a kids party recently. And yes – I think it tasted dreamy. Full confession though, the artificial sweetener omission has NOT been hard to stick to: they had been adding to some serious systemic pain issues I was experiencing in 2013.

4. I also stopped eating white potatoes. (cut back significantly on tomatoes and peppers) No it wasn’t a 2013 New Years resolution. It was to address some of those pain issues. THIS was by far my most amazing discovery of 2013. White potatoes are PAINFUL. And since giving them up, and cheating a couple of times early on with much physical regret – I can now say, I no longer eat them. I walked up and down stairs at the Science and Industry Museum this week with no pain.

5. I developed stronger relationships with my cousins.(I have loads of cousins btw) And this has been fantastic for my family, me, my kids. We have dinner once a week with some. And we started a “cousins staycation” swap with others.

6. I embraced snail mail and I feel so much closer to a friend I had lost touch with.

7. I had some great afternoons with my 4 turned 5 year old when I went back to me being at home again. And he has gained a greater sense of independence this year: Kindergarten in 2014 here we come.

8. I inspired my children to LOVE musicals. It made for a fantastic summer of singing in the car. Thanks much to Val for helping me find some CD’s of musicals that we played over and over again.

9. I found out that for sure I could substitute teach Middle School without feeling the least bit nervous. 12 year olds are a cake walk after being a residence hall director.

10. I fixed my back porch with better organization (well it was fixed for a bit at least)

11. I also had some fantastic moments of being really proud of my 4th grader who has found a love of music that you can see on her face as she talks about the trumpet.

12. I made some new friends.

There were some serious issues to 2013, it’s not all optimism. And I have mental lists of the balls that I dropped lolling around in my head. But I’m not going to list those. It IS a new year after all. And I think 2014 is going to be AWESOME.

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