I drove out to Riverside yesterday to take pictures at Flur, a new gluten free bakery in downtown Riverside. I was briefly chatting with a friend before I got moving to my task and she said, “Well, if you are there you have to try Empanadus. We love them. I even freeze them and then have them ready to go for meals on the run.”

I had NOT as yet had breakfast. Frankly, the smell coming from the small store front was fantastic.

After my photos at Flur I stopped in and got a box of 10 to go home.  You spend a little less on each one if you purchase 10 or more.  

I called my husband, who was off for the day, and said, “Don’t eat! I have the most wonderful empandas I’m bringing home from this spot in Riverside.”

Of course, with it being my first purchase, I decided to get a variety. As she started loading them all into the same box I had a moment of dissappointment.  I thought, “We’ll have to cut into each one to find out what I ordered.”

And then I immediately saw how wrong I was to worry at all. Each empanada was labeled in pastry dough!  Yep, I saw “BBQ PORK” labeled on the edge of one, “CHICKEN” on another. 

As I was walking out, the man enjoying his empanada at the small table in the window said, “You are going to love the ham one!  That’s my favorite!”  

He was right – I love the ham, and the chicken, and the spinach.   I had the empanadas for breakfast, lunch and then breakfast again today.  

Empanadus has hit label and culinary perfection with their pastry dough!


They have two locations.  One at  7 E BURLINGTON ST in Riverside the other at 22 W CALENDAR CT in LaGrange.  

PS – I often feel like bakeries, businesses and other spots need better labeling. Labels are an added expense, but they go along way to letting friends of your customers know where their food gift is coming from. Empanadus needs to label their outside boxes a little better, but I’ll forgive them this once. 

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Sarah Corbin

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