On Wednesday April 24th, we should be thanking those folks that make our lives a little easier by doing the tasks that need to get done.  In today’s workforce our social media managers, our front desk supervisors, our office assistants, our personal assistants, even our retails clerks are our administrative professionals. In a world of multi tasking and fast paced work environments, a successful business is often the result of one fantastic employee that makes sure the details don’t get forgotten.

I sincerely hope that you have a good program in place to recognize your employees.  If you don’t, use Wednesday April 24th as your excuse to start one.

I have always felt that a good recognition program has a strong foundation of inspiration. Along with gifting something small on April 24th here are some other great things you can do to say thanks and inspire your employees all year long.

1. Purchase a book of inspirational quotes. Use your scissors and some tape and attach a quote to your employees’ pay stubs each week.  (Or pay check if they still get one.) You can purchase some really great inspirational “pretty” quotes intended for scrap booking folks that you can easily use in this manner.

2. Keep your work place fresh: make friends with your favorite florist and put some fresh flowers in your work place regularly. You might even be able to do a trade depending on what kind of business you have.  If you are a food based business, put a set of flowers in the office – or near the time clock or the front desk. Find a creative way to make this obvious it is for your employees, not just your customers. 

3. Simply put: say thank you every day. Remeber to say thank you to that person for coming in, being great, smiling. When you say good bye to your assistant, say, “Thanks so much for today- see you tomorrow.” 

4. Make a day of the week fresh fruit day. Put a fun piece of fresh fruit on that person’s desk: A small container of fresh Michigain strawberries, a blood orange, a really fantastic looking peach. Leave a note that says, “Thanks for everything – enjoy the snack.”

5. Nice for No Reason Jars. Encourage folks to compliment each other. Start a way for your employees to say nice things on a regular basis. “Your hair cut looks really nice.” ” I loved the way you helped that tricky customer the other day.” “I think I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time, thanks for making us all laugh.”  Get some clear large jars and put your employees names on them. Leave a small set of pencils with small sheets of bright colored paper.  Tell your employees its for them to say nice things to each other. And then of course, it’s a great way for you to say thanks a little louder than the thank you at the end of every work day. 

Good luck. Happy shopping. Happy Administrative Professionals Day.

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Sarah Corbin

Sarah, a life long Oak Parker, enjoys supporting local small business as much as possible.  With over 20 years in big box and little box retail, she brings a unique perspective to our local business community. ...