When Chicago restaurateur Lynette Lovelace decided to create a line of scents and perfumes, she wanted to lift people’s spirits.  Her intention was to create something that would promote positive attitudes. In her July interview with O magazine she explains how the personal struggle with both of her children’s severe illnesses, made her want to refocus on family and staying strong.  You can read the full interview right here


Of course the story behind the line is inspiring, but the scents are truly wonderful, and inspiring themselves. We are lucky that a quick breeze of her line is just minutes away at Careful Peach.  And of course just in time for last minute shoppers, Flirt, her romance inspired scent is stocked and ready to be purchased.  

I’ve included some pictures of other last minute finds available at Careful Peach.  

Check back tomorrow for more last minute, last minute gift ideas. 


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