For the past 17 years Whole Foods Market in River Forest has partnered with Hephzibah Children’s Association to present a Christmas tree full of paper hearts, each heart representing the holiday wish of child in need. This is the store’s longest running charitable program. 


“Every year we are thrilled to watch shoppers select hearts, fulfill the wish, and drop the presents back off at our store.  This year’s response has been outstanding.  We believe 2012 will be a record-breaking year for number of gifts donated to the kids of Hephzibah. The outpouring of generosity from the Greater Oak Park community has been truly inspiring.”  says Julia Evans the Marketing and Community Relations specialist.


To date, they’ve sent four SUVs full of toys off to be delivered to children in need.

That’s pretty fantastic!  Thanks Whole Foods for sponsoring a way to help our community give.

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