On Saturday Morning Around 9:00 am Governor Quinn stopped in to dine at Chicago’s Home Of Chicken & Waffles Oak Park Location. As he sat down to place his order his security sat on the opposite side of the room just across from his booth. I stopped to ask him what made him stop in to dine with us.

He stated that he had just left a game at Fenwick High school and has passed our restaurant on several occasions and heard that the food was great so he wanted to try it for himself. He ordered one of our many Chicken and Waffles combinations, then continued a conversation with me for about five minutes, (no politics). As the room started to fill more and more people began to recognize the governor but allowed him to eat in peace.

At the end of his meal I asked him did he enjoy everything, he simply smiled and said, ‘Everything that I heard about the place was true. The Food was great, keep up the good work.’

From& Edward Chatman GM of Chicago’s Home Of Chicken & Waffles Oak Park

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