My name is Quentin and Anniversaries are very special: Birthdays, weddings. I had a special anniversary this month: I’ve had a near-forever home for a year.

In all that time, I’ve had people to care for me when I was sick. Staff and volunteers to play with me, brush me, and offer me their lap for a short snooze. There’re plenty of toys to bat around – you should see my wrist action. And with so much time to work out, I can scale the big cat tree with ease.

All in all, my year at Animal Care League has a lot in common with the summer Olympics: I’m! In! Training! And I’m doing quite well, thank you very much. My event is the Complete Cat Event: Street savvy mixed with amicability (I came in as a stray).

While I’m shy and appreciative of a quiet voice, I tangle with a stuffed mouse like the very best. I also get along with other cats and can fit right in with the pack. Or, I could be your one and only. I would do best with children over the age of 6. I was told I came to Animal Care League without any collar, microchip, or identification.

I have ID – I can ID the family that is meant to take me home. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s a gold-medal talent. Take that, Michael Phelps. Booyah!

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